Tuesday, November 22, 2005

CinAd Radio LIVE 8 a.m. Wednesday on WAIF-FM

This time on Cincinnati Advance Radio with Joe Wessels, we’ll be joined by …

Fitness expert and writer of CinWeekly’s Ask Rocco, Rocco Castellano. For over twenty years, Rocco Castellano has been telling it as he sees it. Rocco is a personal trainer to athletes, trainers, executives, beauty queens and moms as well as an outspoken advocate for consumer common sense.

In his inimitable New York-born style - a witty mix of Italian anecdote and irreverent candor - Rocco Castellano, Founder and CEO of askROCCO, brings his life experience, professional training, celebrity status and decades of experience to people all over America. Rocco challenges listeners on the radio, answers questions in his weekly column, occasionally livens up the banter on ESPN's Cold Pizza, coaches personal trainers and conducts seminars across the country. No matter where you find Rocco, he's helping people develop a healthy lifestyle and physique.


Local authors and Cincinnati Enquirer staffers Rebecca Goodman and Barrett J. Brunsman discuss their book “This Day In Ohio History”. Called a “a remarkable book on events both large and small in Ohio history” by the Ohio Historical Society, Goodman and Brunsman’s book takes sneak peeks into Ohio’s history.

“This Day in Ohio History” is a day-by-day survey of the state’s colorful past. Based on a series of daily features published in The Cincinnati Enquirer in honor of Ohio’s bicentennial in 2003, this book offers more than 350 anecdotes about the people, places and events that influenced Ohio’s history and culture. The book showcases famous Ohioans, including world-renowned companies like Firestone and E. W. Scripps and athletes such as Jesse Owens and Roger Clemens, as well as political firsts and great names in art, literature and history that helped shape America.

While names like the Wright brothers and Procter and Gamble are synonymous with Ohio, few people know that Thomas Edison, Clark Gable and Annie Oakley were all born in the Buckeye State. Popular singers Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney and Doris Day all called Ohio home. Space program pioneers John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and Judith Resnick were all Buckeyes, too.


John Young, President and CEO of the Freestore/Foodbank, will stop by to talk about the need for donations this time of year…


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